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Tech Specs and Downloads.

Up-to-date technical specifications and related downloads of the THS5090 5U Industrial Chassis.

THS5090 Industrial Chassis Downloads

  1. Data Sheet

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Tech Specs

Model Number
Board Type
2 – HDEC Series system host boards and 2 – small form factor “shoebox” backplanes
The THS5090 is an HDEC Series 5U rackmount computer that features two HEP8225 HDEC Series system host boards and two HDB8236 backplanes.  Each backplane/SHB combination or segment, operates independently in order to provide total software application isolation in enhanced data security applications.  Each THS5090 segment has one optical media drive bay and one 3.5″ drive bay that may be populated with up to two HDD/SDD storage drives.  This 19″ industrial rackmount computer features a rugged, lightweight, aluminum chassis design with a shallow chassis depth, and the two-in-one system configuration maximizes 19″ component rack space utilization.  Each system segment is driven with its own independent and rear-removable ATX/EPS power supply.
System Fan Control
The HDEC Series system host board and backplane utilized in this rackmount computer design control and monitor tach pulses from the system fans.  The SHB and backplane’s fan controller circuitry  also accepts fan speed commands (including on/off) and provides individual pass/fail fan status via the SHB’s I2C interface.  Fan speed can also be based on temperature via the rackmount computer’s built-in thermal sensors.
Chassis Standard
EIA RS-310C 19” Rackmount Standard
Lightweight, rugged aluminum
5U, 19” rackmount, two-in-one computer system configured with two HDEC Series small form factor shoebox backplanes and two HDEC Series system host boards
Drive Bays

Segment One

  • 1 -3.5″ front bay can be configured to support up to 2, 2.5″ front removable/hot swap HDD/SDDs
  • 1 – Slim-line optical media bay

Segment Two

  • 1 -3.5″ front bay can be configured to support up to 2, 2.5″ front removable/hot swap HDD/SDDs
  • 1 – Slim-line optical media bay
Data Storage Capacity

The maximum system storage capacity is drive type, individual drive capacity and system configuration dependent.

Each THS5090 system segment supports up to 2, 2.5″ front access drive carriers.  THS5090 systems configured with 1TB HDDs could provide a storage capacity of up to 2TB, and about 1TB of storage capacity when using typical 2.5” SSDs.

Note: Maximum system storage capacity will increase as HDD/SDD storage capacity increases.

Power Supply

Segment One
Rear-mounted and removable, ATX/EPS, 1,000W nominal

Segment Two
Rear-mounted and removable, ATX/EPS, 1,000W nominal

4 – Hot Swap 92mm ball bearing fans, 102CFM each
Each segment has LEDs for HDD activity, system fans and system power status
Each segment has Power On/Off, and System Reset switches
Hold Down Bar
Flexible hold down bar for the SHBs and the option cards for added security in high vibration environments
Air Filter
Front tool-less access to the system filter for easy cleaning and maintenance
Metric Dimensions
48.3cm (W) x 22.2cm (H) x 48.8cm (D)
English Dimensions
19.0” (W) x 8.75” (H) x 19.2” (D)
Chassis Net Weight

43.2 Lbs. (19.6 Kg.) – includes chassis + 2, dual-processor HDEC Series SHBs + 2, small form factor shoebox format backplanes + 2, rear-access power supplies

Final system weight is a function of the specific system configuration.