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Tech Specs and Downloads.

Up-to-date technical specifications and related downloads of the TVC4403 Video Wall Controller

TVC4403 Video Wall Controller Downloads

  1. Data Sheet
  2. Data Sheet for the JXTS6966 Motherboard
  3. Data Sheet for the BPG7087 Backplane
  4. Chassis Drawing
  5. Installation Guide
  6. Technical Reference Manual
  7. Configuration Details

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Tech Specs

Model Number

The TVC4403 offers the following Matrox Mura validated, long-life Intel® processor options:
Single, Quad-Core Intel® Core i7-3770 Processor (3.4GHz with Hyper-Threading, 8MB, formally known as Ivy Bridge, supported on the Trenton TSB7053 single board computer option)


Single, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor EC5509 (2.0GHz without Hyper-Threading, 8MB, formally known as Jasper Forest, supported on the Trenton JXTS6966 single board computer option)

4GB system memory (installed) – expandable up to 32GB for the TSB7053 when using standard 8GB DDR3 DIMMs and up to 24GB for the JXTS6966 when using 8GB DDR3 Mini-DIMMs
The TVC4403 4U video controller is CE-compliant and has been validated for use with up to nine Matrox Mura MPX Series controller boards used in advanced display wall applications.  The TVC4403 features a choice between a Trenton TSB7053 or Trenton JXTS6966 single board computer and BPG7087 PCI Express 2.0 backplane, up to eight front access / hot swap storage drives and flexible system power options.  The AMA4403 version of the video wall controller is CCC approved for use in China.
Video Cubes
36 cubes / screens / projectors (max)
– AND –
36 video input devices (max)
Video Cards
9 – Matrox Mura MPX Series (max)
Agency Approvals & Compliance

The TVC4403 system is a UL recognized product listed in file #E208896-A3-UL dated 2013-02-28.  Full UL test report available upon request.

The TVC4403 is also CE and FCC compliant via the ECM Directive 2004/108/EC including EMI/EMC and FCC Part 15 Subpart B certificates of compliance documents available under the DOWNLOADS tab and in the TVC4403 Installation Guide.

The AMA4403 version of the TVC4403 video wall controller is CCC approved for use in China.  Contact Trenton for ordering details for this version of the controller that is only available for sale in China.

Option Card Slot Details

The TVC4403 video controller features the Trenton BPG7087 backplane.  This 14-slot form factor backplane supports a PICMG 1.3 SHB such as the TSB7053 or JXTS6966 and up to ten PCI Express Gen 2.0 option cards, nine of which may be the Matrox Mura MPX Series controller boards.  PCIe Gen 1.1 option cards are also supported in the TVC4403.  All card slots use x16 PCIe mechanical connectors and four of these slots are driven with x16 PCI Express electrical interfaces.

Backplane Type: PICMG 1.3 Graphics-Class

Option Card Slots:  Four PCIe x16 electrical and six PCIe x4 electrical slots (all slots use x16 PCIe mechanical connectors)

Note 1:  Backplane slot PCIe2 functionality requires an optional IOB33 module to be installed on the single board computer.

Note 2:  BPG7087 backplane slot PCIe2 is driven with a x1 PCIe 1.1 link via the JXTS6966’s optional IOB33 PCIe expansion module.  This link is a x4 PCIe 2.0 link when using a TSB7053 single board computer.

Note 3:  Backplane slots PCIe3 through PCIe10 may operate as PCIe 2.0 slots depending on the end point devices installed into these slots and regardless of the system host board x16 root link type.

Note 4: A maximum of nine (9) Matrox Mura cards may be used with the TVC4403.

Chassis Standard
EIA RS-310C 19” Rackmount Standard
Lightweight Rugged Aluminum Enclosure

CE-compliant, 19″ rackmount video controller, 4U enclosure height, single-processor, JXTS6966 single board computer with a BPG7087 backplane in a lightweight, rugged aluminum enclosure with four front access HDD drive carriers, two internal drive storage bays, a slim-line optical drive, front panel USB ports with rear panel I/O ports and PCI Express 2.0 option card slots

The TSB7053 or JXTS6966 single board computer and BPG7087 backplane combination supports up to nine Matrox Mura MPX Series video controller boards.

Drive Bays

4 – 3.5″ drive bays support up to eight 2.5″ HDD carriers, removable and hot swap are available upon request.  1 – Slim-line device bay for optical drive media.  Other drive bay configurations are available upon request.

1 – 500GB storage drive (installed) — Additional drives and larger drive capacities available upon request

Power Supply
Mini-Redundant ATX/EPS
3 – 120mm Fans (center-mounted), 102 CFM each
LEDs for HDD activity and Power Status
Front Connect Ports

Front: 2 USB

Rear: 2 – Ethernet LANs, 2 – USB and 1 – VGA Video, 10 – Option Card Slots

Additional rear panel I/O available when using the optional IOB33 module on the TSB7053 or JXTS6966

Power On/Off and System Reset
Metric Dimensions
48.3cm (W) x 17.8cm (H) x 50.8cm (D) (with 19″ rackmount handles installed)
English Dimensions
19.0″ (W) x 7.0” (H) x 20.0” (D) (with 19″ rackmount handles installed)
Chassis Net Weight

30 Lbs. (13.62 Kg.) – includes chassis + SBC and backplane + power supply only

Final system weight is a function of the specific video controller configuration.