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5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors Released

Get more compute and faster memory at the same power envelope as our previous generation, plus outsized performance and TCO in AI, HPC, database, networking, and storage.

vRAN Boost for 5G Deployments

Build high-capacity, virtualized radio networks for various network configurations and splits, and with scalability to support O-RAN compliant implementations ranging from Massive MIMO to small cells.

Partner of the Year

Trenton Systems is proud to be an Intel® Partner of the Year, with the distinction of Public Sector Strategic OEM.

Trenton Partner of the Year - LinkedIn

The next generation of high-performance computing runs on Intel®.

Intel-based solutions

Intel NICs

Next generation NICs

Network interface components and solutions with up to 100GbE speeds to maximize interoperability, reliability, and performance.

Intel Security

Encrypting & protecting your sensitive data with SGX, TME, TXT, and PFR

Isolate and guard critical data and applications while thwarting attacks at a system's lowest level to maintain operational integrity.

Intel® Platforms by Trenton Systems

Customize boards or entire systems built on the latest Intel architecture.

Intel MAX GPUs

Test Drive MAX GPUs

High-density, general purpose GPUs designed to take on the most challenging HPC and AI/ML/DL workloads.

Intel Accelerators

Turbo-charge with Accelerators

Available as an option card or embedded onto a CPU to boost compute and connectivity speeds.

Developing Intel-based boards, systems, and solutions since 1989

Proud Titanium Intel® Partner Alliance Member

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