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Advanced AI/ML/DL Capabilities from NVIDIA®

High-end, single- or double-wide GPUs delivering enhanced inferencing, training, and parallel processing to optimize performance and deliver actionable insights while reducing total cost of ownership.

The future of AI-powered edge computing at your fingertips.

NVIDIA-based solutions

vGPUs expand GPU access

Multi-Instance GPUs

Run up to seven virtual GPUs (vGPUs) on a single GPU to optimize resource allocation, increase scalability, and reduce costs.

Workload consolidation

Workload consolidation and acceleration 

Run multiple accelerated workloads on different vGPUs at the same time with increased speed and throughput to limit congestion and latency.

AI-powered solutions by Trenton Systems & NVIDIA®

Custom solutions supporting the latest NVIDIA® technologies.

Tensor Cores

Tensor Cores

Deliver enhanced AI inferencing and training for real-time actionable intel that increases awareness and reduces response times.

NVIDIA Cuda Cores

CUDA Cores

Enable parallel processing and other general-purpose computing tasks including graphics rendering and data visualization.

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