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Simulations, Signal Jamming, and Spoofing

Government and Defense

This is how reducing lead times & RMA turns saves soldiers' lives

Chapter I

About the Project

A military prime working on an encrypted communications project for the armed forces is looking to improve the current supply of ruggedized computer systems and components.

Reducing Lead Times
Chapter II

The Problem

The current computer manufacturer is consistently providing 16-week lead times on components and systems alike. This poses a problem for those in the field who need to have the equipment in order to complete a mission successfully.

Support was also an issue since RMAs took months, and that was simply unacceptable due to the sensitive nature of the project.

Chapter III

The Goal

  • Receive five Processor Boards immediately to provide soldiers in the field the needed components
  • Customize a PCIe Backplane to spec
  • Reduce Lead Times
  • Reduce RMA turns
Chapter IV

The Challenge

It's really difficult to separate from the incumbent computer manufacturer without running the risk of complicating things even further, quite possibly prolonging the already delayed process.

The existing manufacturer knew how to source the needed components but on their timeline, which takes months at a time for a project that is time sensitive and requires unmatched attention to detail.

The challenge was to find a suitable computer manufacturer who controls their supply chain to avoid further project delays and offers improved lead times and RMA turns.

Chapter V

The Result

Trenton Systems had the available processor boards in stock and delivered within 5 days. We were able to customize one of our existing PCIe backplanes to fit the project's need and shortened the lead time to 2-3 weeks on average.

The military prime has now entrusted Trenton Systems to build a customized computer system. This includes the processor board, PCIe backplane, and ruggedized chassis.

*Due to strict non-disclosure agreements in place, we are prohibited from mentioning company and/or project names.

Trenton 1U Server