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Updating a Legacy Military Computing Platform

Government and Defense

Updating a Legacy Military Computing Platform

Chapter I

About the Project

A military prime came to us asking to design an entirely new, updated computer system that supports test stations for a massive Weapons System.

Military Computers
Chapter II

The Problem

The computer system that will be a prime candidate for the program isn't easy to design. To top it off, it must be "Made in the USA" with strict supply chain management in place.

The Military's support staff needs to have access to the Engineers that are designing the system, and it was very hard to establish that trust, let alone find someone willing to provide that support.

Chapter III

The Goal

  • Upgrade current legacy system to support the Weapons System with ease with minimal impact to current process
  • Find a computer manufacturer that provides mechanical details, environmental capabilities, and MTBF for the military computer system
  • The ruggedized military computer has to provide the latest technology with a long life cycle
  • Primary components of the system have to be conformal coated
Chapter IV

The Challenge

The Military Prime has strict specs & requirements to follow. These requirements encompass long-life components, hardened & cybersecured hardware, and must be able to withstand harsh conditions.

Since it's such a sensitive program, the computer manufacturer must be able to provide a long life cycle and have strict control over the supply chain to avoid any mishaps or breaks in reliability.

Lot's of computer manufacturers claim to be made in the USA, but many of them integrate offshore processor boards that may have been exposed to tampering and aren't up to Military Standards.

Chapter V

The Result

The Military Prime was able to offer the armed forces a military computer which serves the exact purpose and stays within the strict specs & requirements.

Trenton Systems' 11+ year life cycle and strict revision control provided the trustworthiness to being able to support this program for decades to come.

Also, since we control the supply chain (we design, manufacture, and support our own processor boards) - the military prime was reassured that the end-client is in great hands.

At the end, the military servers that were delivered exceeded expectations and we are happy to report, that we're still supporting this very program today.

*Due to strict non-disclosure agreements in place, we are prohibited from mentioning company and/or project names.

Legacy Computing Platform