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ION Mini PCs

Small form factor rugged mini PCs designed in secure, compact enclosures to enhance performance and adaptability alongside evolving workloads.

ION Mini PCs

Server-Class Technologies

ION Mini PCs are designed to enhance performance, scalability, and security for the most complex application and program demands.

Optane Memory

Personalized, accelerated computing that keeps often-used applications and documents ready for quick access. 

Turbo Boost

Alternate between low and high CPU clock speeds based on workload requirements within diverse data environments.


Performance, security, and management enhancements that minimize disruption, reduce costs, and help thwart cyberattacks. 

Technical Highlights

Single Intel® Core® CPU
2x DIMM Slots
Up to 2x SSDs
Ethernet Port
1x IPMI Port
USB Port
6x USB Ports

Application Agnostic

Minimum Footprint. Maximum Compute Power.

Virtualization technologies allow you to run multiple accelerated workloads on a single piece of hardware while optimizing resource usage and reducing total cost of ownership.

Need a compact, high-performance computer for your application or program?

Craft your USA-made ION Mini PC today.