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An Amusement Park, a Passion for Family, and Customized Rugged Computers

Commercial and Enterprise

An Amusement Park, a Passion for Family, and Customized Rugged Computers

Chapter I

About the Project

A customer approached Trenton Systems with a need for customized rugged computer systems to support its major amusement park thrill ride. Our reliable, high-performance servers are ideal for demanding commercial projects such as this one.

Amusement Park
Chapter II

The Problem

The ride's vehicle was a custom-designed unit that presented multiple complexities. The solution required a string of different certifications, including mechanical shock and vibration testing to account for the ride’s operational conditions.

Shock testing assesses whether equipment can physically and functionally withstand forceful impacts encountered in handling, transportation and service environments.

Vibration testing, on the other hand, ensures that equipment is capable of enduring intense juddering and shaking throughout its life cycle, from the manufacturing facility all the way to implementation and operation.

Environmental, performance and regulatory requirements also had to be satisfied for Trenton Systems to design an effective solution for the customer.

Chapter III

The Goal

  • Equip the customer's thrill ride with customized systems powerful enough to effectively support its regular operation
  • Ensure ruggedization of the systems with mechanical shock and vibration testing at our in-house testing lab
  • Cater to the customer's requests for certain safety, environmental and regulatory requirements
Chapter IV

The Challenge

The customer approached Trenton Systems because it was unhappy with the performance and reliability of the previous vendor. 

As always, Trenton Systems took the complaint seriously, especially given that the solution was intended to power a family-oriented attraction.

An unreliable, poor-performing solution could cause a ride malfunction and potentially jeopardize the lives of riders and other parkgoers.

Trenton Systems is a family-owned business, and we treat our customers and staff like family, too. We knew that people's lives couldn't be offered up to the risks of inadequate performance and low reliability.

Chapter V

The Result

Trenton Systems suggested a 2U modular blade server and 5U rugged server to support the amusement park’s ride.

We designed and built a customized solution that fit perfectly into the ride's vehicle enclosure and met the customer's specific requirements and specifications.

The system included multiple input / output cards, which we integrated to establish a turnkey product for the customer.

We also obtained all the regulatory certifications needed for the requested systems.

The ride remains under construction but is set to open soon.

*Due to strict non-disclosure agreements in place, we are prohibited from mentioning company and/or project names.

Rugged Computer for Amusement Park