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by Christopher Trick, on Mar 30, 2022 4:36:35 PM

Artificial intelligence has three subfields that help it equip high-performance computers with powers that match and exceed human abilities. In this blog, you'll learn more about how the second AI …

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Topics:artificial intelligenceHigh-performance computersneural networks

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 23, 2022 9:00:00 AM

As our world becomes increasingly digitized, protecting critical mission systems across the hardware, firmware, and software layer stack is vital. In this blog, you'll learn about the technologies necessary to …

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by Christopher Trick, on Mar 22, 2022 9:13:31 AM

Failure to protect your operating system, perhaps the most important software on a computer, can lead to various kinds of cyberattacks, impeding performance and compromising critical data. In this blog, …

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Topics:Cybersecurityoperating systemdata protection

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 22, 2022 9:12:50 AM

Disks and drives store massive amounts of critical data, making their security against cybercriminals a top priority. In this blog, you'll learn what full-disk encryption (FDE) is and why it is …

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Topics:Cybersecuritydata protectionfull disk encryption

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 21, 2022 11:03:45 AM

Source: zenlayer.com A BMC (Baseboard Management Controller), which is an embedded computer that can access and control all of a server's resources, uses remote management capabilities to increase efficiency but …

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Topics:CybersecurityIPMIhardware monitoring

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 18, 2022 10:35:59 AM

As cyberattacks become more advanced, traditional safeguards and authentication measures like usernames and passwords provide operating systems with less protection. In this blog, you'll learn more about what pre-boot and post-boot authentication are and their role in protecting critical data against …

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by Christopher Trick, on Mar 17, 2022 1:57:36 PM

Memory attacks have quietly emerged as a new class of hacking techniques to undermine conventional security measures, posing a threat to all data that passes through a system. In this …

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by Christopher Trick, on Mar 10, 2022 3:47:22 PM

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA--Trenton Systems has signed a 50,000-square-foot office lease at 3100 Breckinridge, Building 1200, in Duluth, GA. 3100 Breckinridge is a 30-acre office park featuring seven buildings totaling 253,307 square …

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Topics:movingnew headquarters

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 9, 2022 9:00:00 AM

As the world become increasingly digitized through the use of computers, cloud services, and other virtual tools, organizations and individuals have become more vulnerable to data breaches. In this blog, you'll …

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Topics:Cybersecurityhardware virtualizationhypervisor

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, software-based security solutions, though inexpensive, are proving to be relatively ineffective in the face of more advanced threats. In this blog, you'll learn about how …

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Topics:storagesecure flash

by Christopher Trick, on Mar 7, 2022 3:50:02 PM

Source: tomshardware.com BIOS security is integral to the protection of critical information and ensuring unauthorized personnel cannot access or control your system. In this blog, you'll learn three ways to …

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