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Blogs by Trenton Systems / Rugged blade servers

What Is a Blade Server? [With PDF]

2U blade server

Photo: A 2U rugged blade server with four 1U server blades In previous blog posts, we've discussed the different types of rugged servers, including the common rack server. We've only ever briefly touched on blade servers, however, and they're a crucial part of many data centers and pr …

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List of Rugged Server Manufacturers [2020 Update]

JBOD No Tools Required

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Rackmount Solutions: Mechanical, Electrical Under One Roof

As computer design has gotten more complicated it is more critical than ever that the electrical design engineers and the mechanical engineers work closely. Over the years the components have gotten smaller, more densely populated, and physically fragile. Industrial computer (as well …

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3 Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading To A Blade Server

Industrial Computers Blurred.jpg

It's time to upgrade your rack mount server infrastructure - again! The 3-5 year industry average replacement window is knocking at your door (see what I did there?). You need your servers optimized and ready to tackle the high demands of today's computing needs.

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