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Blogs by Trenton Systems / O-RAN

Your All-in-One Guide OpenRAN

What is OpenRAN?

To meet the complex demands of 5G technology, RAN architectures must evolve to deliver cost-effective, low-latency networking in real-time at the edge.

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What is Intel® FlexRAN?

The amount of available data has exploded, increasing demands on networks to quickly process, analyze, and forward this data. Current network architectures, however, are insufficient to handle such workloads. In the blog, you'll learn what Intel® FlexRAN is and how it helps make vRAN …

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What is Radio Access Network (RAN)?


With the increased prevalence of mobile networks, user equipment (UE) must be seamlessly connected to a core network to facilitate rapid communication of data. In this blog, you'll learn what RAN (radio access network) is, how it works, the different variations, and why it is an integ …

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