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Supply Chain 2022 Q&A: What You Need to Know

Supply Chain Q and A

Since the start of COVID, the global supply chain has been fraught with shortages, extended lead times, and astronomical cost increases. Additionally, Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers have drastically reduced production at the same time demand for new technologies used in all sorts …

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How Many Cores are Enough?

CPUs contain processors called cores, which take data inputs and perform computational tasks. The speed and efficiency of a CPU, however, depends upon the number of cores it has. In this blog, you'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of high core count and low core count processo …

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CHIPS Act: Why USA-Made Computing Matters Now More Than Ever


USA-made computing is vital to our country’s economic and national security interests. The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our supply chain as well as the importance of ensuring the world’s fabs are more geographically diverse. Our national security also relies on the US bei …

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Volatile Memory vs. Nonvolatile Memory: What's the Difference?

Computers contain two primary types of hardware-based memory: volatile memory and non-volatile memory, the biggest difference between the two being whether memory remains on the computer after it is switched off. In this blog, you'll learn more about the differences between volatile a …

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