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Do I Use a Trenton Motherboard or a Third-Party Motherboard?

Do I Use a Trenton Motherboard or a Third Party Motherboard?

As we interact with an ever-expanding customer base, we are receiving requests to incorporate Trenton Systems motherboards as well as third-party motherboards into our servers. Each have their advantages, but are suited for different purposes. In this piece, I explore when it would be …

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CHIPS Act: Why USA-Made Computing Matters Now More Than Ever


USA-made computing is vital to our country’s economic and national security interests. The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our supply chain as well as the importance of ensuring the world’s fabs are more geographically diverse. Our national security also relies on the US bei …

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Hold-Down Bars, Brackets, & Retention Bands: What Are They?

An engineer shows off a hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket

Photo: A hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket Every worthwhile rugged computing solution has its hardware protections. From FIPS 140-2 SEDs to TPM 2.0 cryptoprocessors, MIL-STD-810 shock and vibe certifications, conformal coatings, sealed chassis, and fanless configurations, a rugg …

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Server Motherboards Answered

A Trenton Systems dual-CPU rugged server motherboard with numerous PCIe slots and memory slots

Photo: Trenton Systems' SSP8268 dual Xeon motherboard In this special Q&A blog post, Trenton Systems answers five of your most frequently asked questions about server motherboards. We culled these questions straight from Google’s search results, and we hope these answers will help …

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Choosing the Right Intel Xeon or Core CPUs for Your Server Motherboard

Choosing the Right Intel Xeon or Core CPUs for Your Server Motherboard

Graphic: So, you're in the market for a new server or workstation, but you're not sure if an Intel Xeon motherboard, dual Xeon motherboard or a Core i3, i5 or i7 motherboard is for you. Trenton Systems can help with that. If you're curious as to whether an Intel Xeon or Intel Core pro …

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5 Benefits of a Custom BIOS

A motherboard with a BIOS label

Photo: Looking for a custom BIOS solution? These are some key considerations to keep in mind.

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