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Blogs by Trenton Systems / Revision control

Securing the Computer Supply Chain with Design & Life Cycle Management

A supply chain technician looks at a computer screen while holding a processor board

Photo: Rigorously managing the computer design and life cycle management processes should be a primary focus in every high-performance computer manufacturer's supply chain security plan. Recent high-profile security breaches in government and industry have underscored the importance o …

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A Master List of Trenton Systems' Cybersecurity Advantages & Solutions

Trenton Systems places great emphasis on internal cybersecurity practices and investing in security solutions that protect your system.

Graphic: Trenton Systems cares about the security of your computing solution. It's why we place great emphasis on internal cybersecurity practices and investing in cybersecurity solutions that protect each layer of your server or workstation, in an all-hands-on-deck effort to fortify …

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How Revision Control Secures Your Computer

This is a photo of a person examining a printed circuit board (PCB).

Photo: Working with a computer hardware manufacturer with a strict revision control system in place is an essential aspect of further securing your cybersecure computing solution. Table of Contents Suppliers get added to an approved vendor list (AVL). How does a part get approved and …

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