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Computer Security: Guarding Hardware, Firmware, Software Holistically

This is a photo of a lock on a piece of computer hardware.

Graphic: Trenton Systems and its security partners strongly believe in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, starting with the hardware that underlies your server or workstation. Recent high-profile cyberattacks and shocking revelations about supply chain security are causing militar …

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A Master List of Trenton Systems' Cybersecurity Advantages & Solutions

Trenton Systems places great emphasis on internal cybersecurity practices and investing in security solutions that protect your system.

Graphic: Trenton Systems cares about the security of your computing solution. It's why we place great emphasis on internal cybersecurity practices and investing in cybersecurity solutions that protect each layer of your server or workstation, in an all-hands-on-deck effort to fortify …

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Security for USB Ports: Why Do Computer Manufacturers Disable Them?

This is a photo of USB ports on a motherboard.

Photo: Like other system hardware, USB ports need a bit of tender, loving protection.

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10 Shocking Facts About Counterfeit Electronics [Defense & Aerospace]

This is a photo of individuals holding various electronics, such as motherboards.

Photo: Counterfeit electronic parts can have direct, sudden, and devastating effects on national security and critical infrastructure if not identified, removed, and replaced during manufacturing. Table of Contents 10 Shocking Facts About Counterfeit Electronics What can be done about …

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What Is Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)?

A digital storage oscilloscope, used with automatic test equipment (ATE)

Photo: The automated test equipment (ATE) market is expected to grow by nearly $3 billion by 2027. Table of Contents What is automatic test equipment (ATE)? What are the components of an ATE system? How is ATE used? How is ATE useful and beneficial? What industries and companies use A …

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What is Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions)?

Table of Contents

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Hold-Down Bars, Brackets, & Retention Bands: What Are They?

An engineer shows off a hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket

Photo: A hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket Every worthwhile rugged computing solution has its hardware protections. From FIPS 140-2 SEDs to TPM 2.0 cryptoprocessors, MIL-STD-810 shock and vibe certifications, conformal coatings, sealed chassis, and fanless configurations, a rugg …

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Trenton Systems partners with FUTURA Cyber for FIPS drive management

Trenton Systems partners with FUTURA Cyber

Graphic: Trenton Systems has partnered with leading cybersecurity solutions company FUTURA Cyber for FIPS 140-2 drive encryption key management. Lawrenceville, Georgia, Monday, Oct. 26, 2020 – – Trenton Systems, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of ruggedized, cybersecure, mad …

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Semi-Rugged vs. Fully Rugged vs. Ultra-Rugged: What's the Difference?

A 4U Rugged Server

Photo: A Trenton Systems 4U rugged server While perusing the many different rugged computers and servers on the market, you may have encountered three categories of ruggedization: semi-rugged, fully rugged and ultra-rugged. For example, we at Trenton Systems offer fully rugged servers …

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What is an SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) Port?

What is an SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) Port?

Photo: In this blog post, we'll discuss what SFP ports are, as well as answer frequently asked questions about them. UPDATE 5/8/2020: Can't get enough ports? Check out: What is a LAN port? If you've ever had to connect devices using copper or fiber optic cables, you've probably encoun …

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