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Blogs by Trenton Systems

Securing the Computer Supply Chain with Design & Life Cycle Management

A supply chain technician looks at a computer screen while holding a processor board

Photo: Rigorously managing the computer design and life cycle management processes should be a primary focus in every high-performance computer manufacturer's supply chain security plan. Recent high-profile security breaches in government and industry have underscored the importance o …

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Computers Made in the USA: Why Should It Matter to Non-USA Customers?

A person points toward the USA on a world map

Graphic: Trenton Systems has customers around the world, so we feel it's important to explain what purchasing a truly made-in-USA computer means for their programs and applications. What does "made by Trenton Systems in the USA" mean for non-USA customers? Yes, Trenton Systems designs …

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What Is Zero Trust Security?

Abstract representation of zero trust computing systems distributed throughout a metropolitan area

Graphic: We're hearing more and more about zero trust security, but why? Table of Contents What is zero trust? How does zero trust work? How do you achieve zero trust? Why do we need zero trust? Is adopting zero trust unrealistic? Why is a zero trust architecture ultimately more effec …

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