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Blogs by Trenton Systems

Tactical Edge Servers: Helping the Military Dominate the Battlespace

Tactical edge server deployment graphic

Graphic: Edge servers are at the epicenter of today's race to dominate the battlespace. Their usage at the tactical edge comes with numerous benefits that help the military accomplish this goal faster and more efficiently than its adversaries. Table of Contents What is a tactical edge …

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Trenton Systems partners with FUTURA Cyber for FIPS drive management

Trenton Systems partners with FUTURA Cyber

Graphic: Trenton Systems has partnered with leading cybersecurity solutions company FUTURA Cyber for FIPS 140-2 drive encryption key management. Lawrenceville, Georgia, Monday, Oct. 26, 2020 – – Trenton Systems, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of ruggedized, cybersecure, mad …

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Your All-in-One Guide to Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

A graphic showing binary code layered over a hard drive

Table of Contents What is a self-encrypting drive (SED)? Where can I find self-encrypting drives? How do self-encrypting drives work? Are self-encrypting drives secure? How do I know if my drive is self-encrypting? What level of encryption do self-encrypting drives provide? What's the …

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Ground Control Stations: The Lifeblood of Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Table of Contents What is the function of a ground control station? How does a ground control station work? What are the different types of ground control stations? What are some examples of ground control stations? Choosing a rugged computing solution for ground control stations Tren …

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