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Blogs by Trenton Systems / Rack mount servers

What Is Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)?

A digital storage oscilloscope, used with automatic test equipment (ATE)

Photo: The automated test equipment (ATE) market is expected to grow by nearly $3 billion by 2027. Table of Contents What is automatic test equipment (ATE)? What are the components of an ATE system? How is ATE used? How is ATE useful and beneficial? What industries and companies use A …

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Hold-Down Bars, Brackets, & Retention Bands: What Are They?

An engineer shows off a hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket

Photo: A hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket Every worthwhile rugged computing solution has its hardware protections. From FIPS 140-2 SEDs to TPM 2.0 cryptoprocessors, MIL-STD-810 shock and vibe certifications, conformal coatings, sealed chassis, and fanless configurations, a rugg …

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5 Ways Edge Servers Improve UAV Military Programs, Applications

An illustration of an edge computing architecture with edge servers, a UAV, and IoT sensors

Graphic: An illustration of an edge computing architecture with tactical edge servers, a UAV, and various IoT sensors Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inclusively and increasingly known as remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), are and will continue to be a vital intelligence, surveillance, …

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What Is a Blade Server? [With PDF]

2U blade server

Photo: A 2U rugged blade server with four 1U server blades In previous blog posts, we've discussed the different types of rugged servers, including the common rack server. We've only ever briefly touched on blade servers, however, and they're a crucial part of many data centers and pr …

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MIL-STD-810 Servers: Enhancing Military Defense with Rugged Computers

Trenton Systems 4U Rugged Workstation

Note: Trenton Systems is not a compliance testing facility. We manufacture rugged servers and workstations that conform to military and industrial standards, such as MIL-STD-810 and DO-160, and we can ensure that our systems comply with these standards using our in-house testing equip …

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What Is a Rack Server?

What Is a Rack Server?

There are several types of rugged computers out there supporting a variety of different military, industrial and commercial applications. The most common, however, is the unmistakable rack server.

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Rugged Servers: What Do You Mean 'Stress-Tested?'

This is a graphic showcasing hot and cold temperatures using red and blue flames.

Durability, reliability, and security are three key characteristics that every worthwhile, stress-tested rugged server should have. After all, you want your particular application, whether military, industrial, or commercial, to be as consistent, stable, and low-maintenance as possibl …

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List of Rugged Server Manufacturers [2020 Update]

JBOD No Tools Required

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PCI Express-driven Cryptographic Systems Tech Challenges

Correctly routing PCIe signal traces is a design challenge that few companies can handle well, and taking short cuts in single board computer and backplane designs which utilize the PCI Express interface will always result in suboptimal system performance particularly in rugged cyrpto …

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You Can Have Any Color You Want


Mr. Henry Ford was quoted as saying that, “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black.” While it is true that most of the rackmount computer systems we ship do indeed have a black face plate, different chassis colors or special chassis labeling and logo …

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