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Blogs by Trenton Systems / Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe)

Trenton Systems supplies Lockheed Martin with $500,000 computer systems provision for Aegis Combat System

A Trenton PCIe backplane and Trenton processor board superimposed over a navy background

Graphic: Trenton Systems is continuing its long-term support for the Aegis Combat System with a recent $500,000 provision. Trenton Systems, a manufacturer of cybersecure, rugged, made-in-USA computing solutions, has supplied Lockheed Martin with $500,000 worth of high-performance comp …

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Everything You Need to Know About PCIe 4.0

This is a photo of PCIe slots on a motherboard.

Photo: PCIe slots on a motherboard Table of Contents What is PCIe 4.0? What does PCIe 4.0 do? When will PCIe 4.0 come out? What's the difference between PCIe 4.0. and PCIe 3.0? Is PCIe 4.0 backward compatible? Is PCIe 4.0 worth the upgrade? Conclusion: Upgrade to PCIe Gen 4 with Trent …

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Hold-Down Bars, Brackets, & Retention Bands: What Are They?

An engineer shows off a hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket

Photo: A hold-down bar and one hold-down bracket Every worthwhile rugged computing solution has its hardware protections. From FIPS 140-2 SEDs to TPM 2.0 cryptoprocessors, MIL-STD-810 shock and vibe certifications, conformal coatings, sealed chassis, and fanless configurations, a rugg …

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PCIe Gen 4 vs. Gen 3 Slots, Speeds

A photo of PCIe slots on a Trenton Systems motherboard

Photo: In this blog post, we'll go over the differences between PCIe Gen 4 and PCIe Gen 3. We'll also discuss whether it's time for an upgrade. Table of Contents What is PCI Express? How fast is PCIe 4.0 vs. PCIe 3.0? Are PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 3.0 backward and forward compatible? How does …

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Giant List of Intel’s Advanced Technologies

Intel Xeon processor

Photo: Intel processors utilize a multitude of advanced technologies that we'll cover in this blog post. Intel's processors are equipped with a multitude of technologies that can improve the overall performance of your rugged server or workstation. Intel technologies provide your serv …

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JBOD vs. RAID: What Are the Differences?

A Trenton Systems JBOD enclosure

Photo: The basic difference between a JBOD enclosure and RAID is that the former is a collection of storage drives, while the latter is a storage technology used to improve read and write speeds or fault tolerance. In this blog post, we'll discuss these differences a bit more. We’ve t …

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Gain more PCIe slots with a new PCIe Expansion Kit by Trenton Systems

Gain more PCIe slots with a new PCIe Expansion Kit by Trenton Systems

Each x16 slot on your system can provide an additional 18 PCIe slots using Trenton Systems’ new PCIe Expansion Kit. Trenton Systems will even customize your BIOS to keep adding more.

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