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New MBS1001 Blade Server Delivers Compute Density

by Will Shirley, on Jan 3, 2018 1:22:26 PM

The MBS1001 is part of the Modular Blade System family from Trenton Systems; it hosts 2 Modular Blade cards such as the MBK8257 and MSL8256 in just 1U and 19" of rack space, and under 23 pounds.  This allows the MBS1001 to deliver critical compute density to deployment scenarios such as airborne surviellence, shipboard deployment, mobile/vehicular environments and even specialized datacenter requirements.  Of course, being a Trenton Systems product, it is designed to be rugged and dependable in the harshest environments.  Take a look at Professor Will's overview of the unit below.

If you'd like to know more about the MBS1001, why don't you Contact Us about it, or any other Trenton Systems product at 770-287-3100 or 800-875-6031.


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