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Rackmount Solutions: Mechanical, Electrical Under One Roof

by Michael Bowling, on Jan 2, 2018 2:11:08 PM

As computer design has gotten more complicated it is more critical than ever that the electrical design engineers and the mechanical engineers work closely. 

Over the years the components have gotten smaller, more densely populated, and physically fragile. Industrial computer (as well as military computer) applications require that the SBC is protected for handling, shock, and vibration.

This is why Trenton Systems has built the modular blade computer series where the processor board (MSL8256 or MBK8257) is protected on all sides with a lightweight aluminum metal blade chassis. While still allowing for airflow, this protects the most sensitive part of your blade computer system from harm. The combination of electrical and mechanical design creates a more long-term and reliable product and will ensure that your application continues running.

Trenton System’s Georgia location is home to our engineering team. Under one roof we collaborate from the schematics, PCB layout, mechanical design, verification, and validation. As a team we can ensure that ruggedness and reliability that you expect from a US computer company is built into each product that we design.

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