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Rugged Rackmount Chassis Survives 750 Pounds of Force

by Will Shirley, on Jan 3, 2018 11:45:36 AM

How much abuse can your rackmount computer handle? 

Here at Trenton, we use the word, "rugged," a lot.  It's woven into our design methodology from conception to integration, for both boards and chassis.  We know that we over-engineer our products so that you don't have to worry about what environmental extremes they might face.  Recently, we realized that instead of just talking about how rugged our products are, we could show you.  

Dramatic Difference

As you can see, even after an impact of approximately 750 lbs of force, the Trenton Rugged Rackmount Military and Modular Chassis are still viable!  The off-the-shelf chassis...didn't fare so well--their tests resulted in complete structural (and electrical!) failure.  For another angle, check out this shot from above of the TMS4702's test.  



Strength where you need it

If your embedded computing application needs strength, durability and reliability, consider a Trenton Systems solution to ensure the survival of your valuable electronic components even under extreme conditions.  

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