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Windows 7 Reaches End of Life for New Configurations

by Will Shirley, on Jan 3, 2018 8:50:32 AM

Software has lifecycles, just like physical hardware.  From the time it is released until it no longer receives support from a developer varies depending on who wrote it, what type of software, if it is free or commercial, who the intended user is, etc.  Furthermore, operating systems are very important to embedded computing applications, especially those that are intended to be long-life. 

An operating system change can have major impacts to an application’s reliability and stability; major changes to low-level behavior of a piece of software can cause incompatibilities that might break functionality entirely.  Furthermore, the operating system is the main point of interface with a system—changes to how the operating system looks and functions can require you to rewrite instructions or procedures for personnel in the field, or could require you to completely recertify a system to a specification—a time consuming and potentially expensive endeavor.  

Windows 7 is now just over 8 years old, releasing on October 22, 2009.  Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 64 bit will receive Extended Support through January 14, 2020.  This means that updates will continue to be published for critical security updates that protect your system against malicious software, but will not receive any additional major feature updates or minor fixes. 

While that’s great news for those that have already tested and qualified Windows 7, as of November 2017, Trenton Systems will officially advise our customers to transition to the Windows 10 platform.  This is a result of Microsoft ending production of OEM licenses of Windows 7 64 bit.  Trenton Systems will soon no longer be able to procure additional Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) Licenses through authorized vendors and thus cannot fully guarantee legitimacy of those Licenses.  Trenton Systems only purchases commodity product through licensed distributors so that we can assure ourselves and you that all the components in your system are guaranteed legitimate. 

Trenton Systems knows how much longevity and revision control matter to our customers, so we invite you to work with us to manage this obsolescence concern.  Windows 7 32 bit is already unavailable, but we can, as of publication, still procure Windows 7 64 bit.  Contact your Account Manager so that we can work with you to procure enough licenses in advance to ensure your system meets your in-service requirements and future needs, before procurement becomes a larger concern.     

Header image CC BY-SA 3.0 The Windows Family Tree by Kristyan Bogdanov


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