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by Brett Daniel, on Jun 12, 2020 4:23:58 PM

Photo: A 2U rugged blade server with four 1U server blades In previous blog posts, we've discussed the different types of rugged servers, including the common rack server. We've only …

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Topics:blade serversrack serversrack mount servers1U server1U blade server2U blade serverserver bladesmodular serversrack mount computers2U servermodular blade chassisblade enclosure

by Brett Daniel, on May 7, 2020 11:05:50 AM

There are several types of rugged computers out there supporting a variety of different military, industrial and commercial applications. The most common, however, is the unmistakable rack server. These slidable, hot-swappable, …

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Topics:rackmount computersrack serversserver racks1U rack server5U rack serverWhat is a rack server?rack mount serversrack server dimensionsserver rack dimensions2U rack server3U rack server4U rack server

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