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List of Rugged Server Manufacturers [2020 Update]

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Honesty is the best policy. Most (if not all) companies in this list are Trenton Systems' customers, competitors, or both.

We'd be lying if we said we don't want to be considered as your first and only choice for rugged servers.

So, let me give you our differentiators quickly:

If you're looking for truly Made in the USA rugged servers, Trenton Systems is the only (as far as we know) rugged server manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and assembles rugged servers and components entirely in the USA for the military, industrial, and commercial sector.

That's right, we design and make our own boards. This means we have a tight grip on our supply chain, are able to customize your BIOS, hold everything to strict revision control guidelines, and much more. Take a look at our products page for more info and feel free to give us a call at (770) 287-3100 with any questions.

The purpose of this list is strictly informational

As much as we'd like to be a perfect fit for everyone, at times and due to various reasons, we're simply not. No hard feelings! We will refer you to one of the great companies below and hope that you'll keep us in mind for future programs/projects.

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Rugged Server Manufacturers

Trenton Systems
Product Focus: Rugged Servers, Rugged Workstations, Blade Servers, Storage Servers, JBOD Servers / JBOF Servers, PCIe Expansion, COM Express Type 7, Mini PCs, Processor Boards, Motherboards, PCIe Backplanes, Rugged Chassis
Product Focus: Embedded Computing, Industrial Automation, Intelligent Connectivity, Intelligent Systems, Networks & Communications, iHealthcare, Intelligent Logistics, Intelligent Retail, Applied Computing Platforms
Avnet Integrated
Product Focus: Display Solutions, Data Center Solutions, Embedded Systems, Embedded Boards
Product Focus: Industrial & Embedded Motherboards, Single Board Computers, Embedded Systems, Industrial PCs, Industrial Panel PCs, IoT Solutions
Core Systems | Core Systems USA
Product Focus: Rugged Rackmount Servers, Rugged HPE Servers, Rugged LCDs, Rugged Mission Computers, Rugged Cisco Products, Rugged RPCs
Product Focus: Industrial Motherboards, Rackmount Workstations, Industrial Servers & GPU Workstations, Box PCs & Compact Systems, Panel Mount Products, Medical PCs, Accessories
CP Tech USA - formerly known as Chassis Plans
Product Focus: Rugged Rackmount Computers, Rugged Rackmount Monitors and Keyboards, Industrial PCs, Storage Arrays, Rugged Rackmount KVMs, Portable PCs
Crystal Group
Product Focus: Rugged Computers, Military Computers, Industrial Computers, Embedded Computers, Rugged Workstations, Rugged LCD Display Monitors, Rugged Data Storage Systems, Rugged Network Switches, Routers & Firewalls
Product Focus: COTS Solutions, System Solutions, Electromechanical & Electrohydraulic, Tactical Data Links, Aerospace Instrumentation, Space
Dell Industrial-Grade Servers
Product Focus: Rugged Servers, Industrial-Grade Servers, Workstations, Desktops, Rack Servers, Thin Clients, Hyper-Converged Systems, Tower Servers
Product Focus: System Solutions, Embedded Boards, Backplanes, Power Solutions, Cabinets, Enclosures & Components, Rotary Switches
Industrial PC
Product Focus: Embedded Computers, In-Vehicle Computers, Rackmount Systems, Industrial Motherboards, Mobile Computers
Product Focus: Boards & Standard Form Factors (Single Board Computers, Motherboards, COMe, etc.), System (Embedded Computers, Defense Computers, Industrial Monitors, Panel PCs, etc.), Security and Control/Monitoring Solutions
Logic Supply
Product Focus: Rugged PCs, Fanless Industrial PCs, Fanned Industrial PCs, Rackmounts, Panel PCs, Components
Mercury - also owns Themis and Germane
Product Focus: Rugged Rackmount Servers, Sensor Signal Processing, Mission Computing & Avionics, Custom Microelectronics, Solid State Drives, High Density Secure Memory, RF & Microwave, Mixed-Signal Processing
One Stop Systems
Product Focus: GPU Acceleration, Flash Systems, Data Science Servers & Workstations, Servers, Expansion Systems, CPCIe/PXIe Products, Magma Thunderbolt Expansion, Magma Thunderbolt Quadro eGPU, Rugged Tablets & Handhelds, Panel PCs
Product Focus: Industrial PCs, Embedded System Computing, Network Communication Appliance, Human Machine Interface, Industrial I/O Products
Puget Systems
Product Focus: Custom Built Desktops, Rackmount Servers
Product Focus: Embedded Products, Rackmount Computers
Product Focus: Tablet PCs, Displays, Workstations & Servers, Networking (Tactical), Accessories, Wearable PCs, Aviation CPUs, Communication Systems
Spartan Rugged
Product Focus: 2U Air-Cooled Servers, 2U Sealed Servers, 3U Storage Servers, Video Encoders
Sparton Rugged Electronics
Product Focus: Mini PCs, Rugged LCD Monitors, Rack PCs & Servers, Rugged Keyboards & Pointing Devices, Fanless Computing
Product Focus: Rackmount PCs, Panel PCs, Embedded PCs, Desktop / Office Computers, Industrial LCDs, Peripherals, Racks
Product Focus: Rackmount Servers & Storage, Motherboards, Chassis, Embedded Computers, Networking Adapters & Switches, Workstations & Gaming PCs
Product Focus: Rack Mount Solutions, Embedded Systems, ATCA Platforms, Wall Mount Computers, Flat Panel Computers & Displays
Product Focus: Medical-Grade Computers, Medical-Grade Tablets, Medical LCD Monitors, Industrial Computers, Rugged Mini PCs, Industrial Panel PCs, Servers, Desktops, NAS, Enterprise Servers
Product Focus: Single Board Computers, Processor Mezzanines, FPGA Modules, Rugged Systems, Development Systems, Rackmount Servers, Power Supplies, Storage, Rear Transition Modules, Ethernet Switches, Networking, Routers, I/O Modules, Carriers, Backplanes, Accessories, COM Express
Product Focus: Servers, Displays, Data Storage, Video Enhancement, Software

Final Thoughts

We've compiled this list of rugged computer manufacturers to identify the different companies within our competitive space and to speed things up for visitors wanting to compare and contrast.

Hope you find this list helpful and of course, if you have question about our rugged servers and what we can do to help you on your next project, please don't hesitate to let us know.

If you would like to be added/removed from this list, feel free to leave us a comment or email us.

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