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20 Best Military Technology Websites That Know Their Stuff

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If you are looking for informative, insightful and educational military tech websites, you've come to the right place. Here are the 20 best military technology sites online.

As you already know, there's a LOT of information out there on military technology. High-quality pages that offer a wealth of information on upgrades to weaponry, the future soldier, and even things we build - rugged military computers.

BUT we decided to feature the cream of the crop - the best of the bunch.

Whether you are a veteran, military tech enthusiast or just looking for some resources to stay informed, these websites will give you the latest & greatest updates, trends, and news you need in order to stay informed.


Military & Aerospace Logo.png

1. Military & Aerospace

A military computer engineer's dream. This site even includes a "Computers" section to where you can learn about the hardware in military technology that is being used on the newest gadgets. Anything from embedded computing to development kits. An engineers go-to site for military computers, cyber, sensors, RF/analog, power, communication, test, and on and on it goes.

Visit their website at Military & Aerospace

Military.com Logo.jpeg 

2. DefenseTech: Modern Warfare and Weapons

Brought to you by www.military.com, the DefenseTech blog covers up-to-date news on anything Military Tech. Their wealth of knowledge, along with links to relevant sources, provide exactly what you need: information AND analysis of what's ahead. Easily access newest posts, join in on the discussions with fellow readers, and contribute by adding your comments.

Visit their website at DefenseTech

Defense Systems Logo.jpg

3. Defense Systems

From Defense IT, to Cybersecurity, to Emerging Tech - this is the website for easy-to-digest military technology info. They openly share resources, post industry-related events, and easily compartmentalize their "Most Popular Articles" for an easy read.

Visit their website at Defense Systems


DefenceTalk Logo.png

4. DefenceTalk

Founded in 2003, DefenceTalk is a website about global defense, military, aerospace news, and reports. You can join their forum for in-depth conversations on world armed forces, weapons, military technology and military pictures gallery. The news tab is nicely segmented for easy categorization of popular topics.

Visit their website at DefenceTalk


cots journal logo

5. COTS Journal (Commercial Off The Shelf)

In 1994 RTC Media approached Defense Secretary, Perry to assist with the launch of a publication based on his theory that the defense market would be best be served by commercially available products.  COTS Journal evolved with the time to include a strong web presence  to serve the industry both being state-of-the-art and more economical than custom solutions.  Today, COTS Journal has grown into a widely used outlet to market, educate and sell defense based systems.  Having a unique editorial focus on system architectures that meet the increasing demands of SWAP (Size, Weight and Power), COTS Journal stands alone in servicing defense engineers looking to stay current on products and technologies. 

Visit their website at COTS Journal.

The National Interest Logo.jpg

6. The National Interest

Founded in 1985 as a foreign policy magazine, this website took that same enthusiasm and effort to the digital world. They actively promote "the course of American foreign policy by featuring a variety of leading authors from government, journalism, and academia, many of whom may at times disagree with each other." The techy articles are a wonderful read and offer an interesting spin on what is going on in the military technology sector.

Visit their website at The National Interest



7. Naval Technology

Set up in the same, clean fashion as its sister website (Army Technology - #4), this page is all about news related to the Navy. The technology, the industry trends, weapons, logistics, vessels, unmanned systems; the list is ever-expanding. It is a great website to also compare technologies across the different military branches and how they impact each other.

Visit their website at Naval Technology



8. Navy Recognition

Another Navy-related website that also encompasses army and air force resources. Make sure to check out their "Our Other Websites" drop-down menu for more information. What we like about this website is the global approach to military technology. The information is nicely segmented across industries and world naval forces so that you have the scoop on what is going on around the world.

Visit their website at Navy Recognition


Defense News Logo.jpg

9. DefenseNews

This entire website is very well written and set up in a way to make you want to keep clicking on more articles. It does not solely focus on a military branch but you can choose topics like Air, Land, Naval, Pentagon, Congress, Cyber, and dozens more. What makes this site great is their Quick Links section. Easily do all the things that interest you, even submitting your tips to bettering the experience. Truly all-encompassing the defense news to it's fullest.

Visit their website at DefenseNews


Defense Update Logo.png

10. Defense Update

The video footage on this website is great. For any visual learner, this is the go-to site. The titles and images on the posts grab your attention immediately and the content doesn't disappoint either. Covers the standard topics of land, air, and sea but also tackles the ever-growing drones & robotics industry and C4ISR space. Make sure to check out their social sites as they are filled with interesting comments and input from avid fans.

Visit their website at Defense Update



11. SpaceWar

Although it may seem like a lesser-known website, it's filled with tons of useful information. I even like the ads that they are showing on this page because they relate to military technology. The different parts of the website offer different insights that spans the globe. If you are looking for a website that gets you a not-so-commercialized view on current events, this is the site for you. Very personal military technology message that screams authenticity.

Visit their website at SpaceWar


12. Popular Mechanics

Numerous people turn to this page for information on anything military (and other topics as well). The articles that relate to the military technology are quite fascinating, too. Not only do they focus on cool new gadgets, but they in detail describe what is going on behind putting these gadgets into practice and the different parties making it happen.

Visit their website at Popular Mechanics


Defence Blog Logo.png

13. Defence Blog

Who doesn't love a great blog on military technology? The homepage of this site simply spells it out across all branches. Instead of searching for specific topics, you are welcomed with the most popular posts in each military category. No wonder that over 3.5M page views are generated annually for this blog in over 150 countries worldwide. The information on point and content is written to keep your interest - no matter the length of the article - truly a wonderful Military Tech page to favorite.

Visit their website at Defence Blog

Business Insider Logo.png

14. Business Insider: Defense

Not particularly dedicated to military technology but a wealth of information on general Military Defense. With over 30k Twitter followers, it clearly makes some folks happy with the content offered. From Tech to Finance and Politics & Strategy, business insider keeps you engaged with the content while allowing for easy social sharing. Why wouldn't you share the coolest 18 photos of the military? (Spoiler Alert: all of them are great photos)

Visit their website at Business Insider: Defense


Real Clear Defense Logo.png

15. RealClear Defense

If you want articles, then articles you shall receive. This defense related website focuses on giving you what you came for: content. Not heavily loaded with photos (page speed is great!) it puts you right in front of the resources you are seeking. Feeling motivated to share your opinion? Write for RCD and show us what you got!

Visit their website at RealClear Defense


National Defense Logo.jpg

16. National DEFENSE

We love a site that promotes products related to the industry, and this site does not disappoint. From news to commentary and, as we stated, ads, everything is related to defense news. Coolest part is that this magazine looks professionally done (very rare in this industry from our experience) and the topics on the articles online are quite nicely segmented. You'll read one article and find yourself reading dozen others right after.

Visit their website at National DEFENSE


Breaking Defense Logo.png

17. Breaking DEFENSE

Over 33K followers, you can get a wealth of information on defense & military technology on this website but what makes it stand out are the loyal followers. You can comment straight from your Facebook account, Google+, Twitter, or join the website and start commenting as a contributor. If you are looking for an in-depth conversation among those who follow the same news, you've come to the right place.

Visit their website at Breaking DEFENSE



18. DefenseMediaNetwork

From analysis of the latest battlefield technology and insightful interviews with past and present military leaders to remarkable accounts of historical battles, Defense Media Network gives viewers a unique perspective on all aspects of the armed services past, present, and future. Defense Media Network's parent company, Faircount, also publishes many print titles throughout the year, including: Veterans Affairs and Military Medicine Outlook, Special Operations Outlook, Coast Guard Outlook and others, which are available to read, at no cost.

Visit their website at Defense Media Network


Popular Science Logo.jpeg

19. Popular Science: Military

Do you want the science behind the technology? You've come to the right place. This is super high-tech information that not only covers US-side project but global competition when it comes to innovation with military technology. You know the feeling you get when you click on "Concept Cars" on a car brand manufacturer of your choice? Same feeling applies here. Really cool gadgets and the science behind them - yet within the military scope. Truly unique.

Visit their website at Popular Science: Military


The Conversation Logo.jpg

20. The Conversation: Military Technology

Want to learn from professors? Want to discuss military technology? Couple that with a robust tagging system to narrow down your topic search and you have The Conversation. Did we mention that you can comment and connect with other military tech enthusiasts?

Visit their website at The Conversation: Military Technology


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Great job on making it through the list. We're sure you'll find that these are some resourceful and informative military technology sites!

We're consistently searching for individuals who are passionate about military technology, so feel free to share your input in a comment below (and share or link to this great list if you enjoyed it).

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