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Infographic: When Will Your Industrial Computer Reach End-Of-Life?


The industry average computer lifecycle is only 3 years! The end-of-life (EOL) of a product can be costly and burdensome especially for those in sensitive fields such as the medical industry or military, where changing one component means the entire machine needs to go through the des …

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Commercial Computers vs. Industrial Computers

Versus PS.png

We are all familiar with the typical big name online computer companies that you’ve used at home or at your desk. Maybe you are considering what computer hardware you need for an upcoming requirement at work and you are wondering if there is possibly something more industrial, better …

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Why & Why Not Upgrade Your Industrial Computer Hardware

Chip Optimized.jpg

First, congratulations on being able to sustain your application for so many years! Not many programs are able to successfully stay in production this long. Still, periodically it makes sense to review your industrial computer hardware to ensure that it will continue running for many …

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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy An American-Made Industrial Computer

Before making a decision on which industrial rackmount computer your application will utilize for the next few years, have you considered the benefits of buying American-made? It is not simply a matter of national pride, it’s much more than that.

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MADE IN USA Industrial Computers - What Does It Mean?


We've all heard the phrase "Made in the USA". It is a broad term that is hard to come by and can mean many things depending on the industry or company using it. For Trenton Systems, "Made in USA" defines the quality of the products and level of service we provide to our customers acro …

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