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What Is a Computing Partnership?

As a management team here at Trenton Systems, we try to periodically stop and ask the bigger questions. Why do we exist? What value do we bring to customers? What areas do we need to improve? What makes us better than our competition? There seems to be one common theme with our existing customers and I’ve recently been hearing it more and more from potential customers when I ask what they are looking for in a computer supplier. The common theme that I hear is that they are looking for a computing partner that they can trust and rely on.

At Trenton Systems we’ve tried to educate the world on our capabilities (electrical, mechanical, software, etc) , our products (processor boards, PCIe backplanes, rugged chassis, etc), and on our track record (established in 1989, founding member of PICMG, founding member of Intel’s partner program now called the IoT Alliance, etc)…but for all of our larger customers and potential customers what really brings them back to Trenton Systems year after year? I would say the number one thing is that our customers need a partner they can rely on and consult with while we help them invent new products.

Our engineers are your engineers

This is a slogan that we’ve said for years, but our very best customer relationships are the ones where our customer’s engineers are calling Trenton Systems engineers directly. Our customers really appreciate getting past the sales and marketing connections and talking peer-to-peer on complex product development ideas.

Real people

Authentic and honest personal connections with our tech support and sales team make a big difference. I’ve heard our largest customers talk about their sales person and say that they are not just a sales person…they are a trusted resource that they can brainstorm with and trust that any issues that arise will get resolved quickly. Trenton Systems tech support is known in the industry as being relentless and the fact that we give their direct phone number here in Lawrenceville, Georgia is unheard of in our industry. Even our accounting team, inside sales group, and others have a solid, “know them by their first name” professional relationship with our customers and suppliers.

If you are successful then we are successful

For decades this has been the motto in our sales and management group whenever a customer asks us to do something above and beyond the norm. We love to work with customers that have a dream of something big and need a partner like Trenton Systems to come alongside of them. From low NRE to procurement and fulfillment issues, Trenton Systems always has a “customer first” standard where we strive to exceed expectations.

Yes, Trenton Systems has standard products that we sell to many customers across many industries…yes, I’m proud of our accomplishments and our capabilities…but what truly differentiates Trenton Systems? Why do we really exist? I would say it’s the passion that our people have and the relationships that we strive for when working with our customers. I realize words are easy…I would love for you to experience the difference for yourself. Talk to somebody on our team and personally experience the difference. You’re not just buying widgets online…you’re working with a trusted, engineering partner that genuinely cares about your success.

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