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What is SWaP-C?

Throughout the military, commercial, and industrial landscape, there is a need for computers to be optimized for size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C). 

Learn what SWaP-C is and why it is an integral part of crafting computing solutions for a wide array of environments across the modern battlespace.

What is SWaP-C?

SWaP-C is an acronym for size (S), weight (W), power (P), and cost (C). For research and development purposes, this is generally used in reference to the features of a device, system, or program. 

Originally, the acronym was just SWaP--size, weight, and power--which is why there is an "a" between the "W" and the "P." Many people realized that cost was also an important consideration, and cost was added on, hence "SWaP-C." 

The order of the letters, however, does not signify each factor's level of importance, as they all must be given equal value and consideration. 

Why is SWaP-C important?

Across a variety of industries, decisions made around design generally involve making a device or system smaller and lighter while minimizing both power and cost.

Though it is ideal to have all four, the need for even one is justification enough for requesting new systems or redesigning existing ones. 

This proves to be especially true when dealing with key decision makers within the government, military, and aerospace sectors. 

SWaP-C and Trenton Systems 

Here at Trenton, our engineers work tirelessly to customize USA-made, high-performance computing solutions in both rack mount and small form factor optimized for size, weight, power, and cost according to customer's technical, performance, and environmental specifications. 

We empower today's warfighter to operate with complete confidence at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels with advanced multi-layer cybersecurity technologies, the latest Intel processors, and a tight grip on our supply chain.

Whether in the command room, on the field, or inside unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, our lightweight systems perform inside small spaces as well as congested, austere, and communications denied or contested environments, delivering maximum performance with minimal power requirements at the lowest cost. 

Across the defense and industrial base, we help satisfy the most basic requirements for a safe, efficient, and powerful system to ensure rapid deployment in real-time. 

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