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Rackmount Solutions: Mechanical & Electrical Capabilities Under One Roof

  As computer design has gotten more complicated it is more critical than ever that the electrical design engineers and the mechanical engineers work closely. Over the years the components have gotten smaller, more densely populated, and physically fragile. Industrial computer (as... read more

Rackmount Computer Warning - VOID if seal is broken!

Why do computer manufacturers VOID warranties on a rackmount computer designed specifically for you once a SEAL is broken? read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy An American-Made Industrial Computer

Before making a decision on which industrial rackmount computer your application will utilize for the next few years, have you considered the benefits of buying American-made? It is not simply a matter of national pride, it™s much more than that. read more

Floating Point Applications in a Rackmount Computer: GPGPU vs CPU

How well does a GPGPU scale at floating point applications when properly deployed in a rackmount computer? Our tests show an up to 1000% performance increase! read more

MADE IN USA Industrial Computers - What Does It Mean?

We've all heard the phrase "Made in the USA". It is a broad term that is hard to come by and can mean many things depending on the industry or company using it. For Trenton Systems, "Made in USA" defines the quality of the products and level of service we provide to our customers across the... read more

5 Considerations when selecting a GPU/Video Card for a rackmount computer

There are some unique considerations when moving to a rackmount chassis as well as additional limiting constraints. Selecting the right GPU or Video Card can help ensure the success of your program. Learn the 5 best practices when selecting a GPU for a rackmount computer. read more

INFOGRAPHIC: How Long Before Your Industrial Computer Reaches Its End-Of-Life?

A Trenton Systems computer lifecycle will surpass the industry average by 3.67 times. Let's illustrate what an extended computer lifecycle will do for you. read more

"Drop in Compatible" are the 3 Words That Scare me the Most

What designers of long-life computing systems need to know   We’ve all been taught to never trust somebody that says, “trust me.” As a computer engineer by training, the words, “Trust me, it’s drop in compatible” scare me like few others. If I... read more

Revision Control: Ensure Every Computer You Buy is Consistent

To the casual observer these differences may seem minor and insignificant…but to high-availability, critical applications such as the military or cybersecurity these “small” inconsistencies add up and have large quality implications. Computer hardware revision control & consistency is also... read more

A Vicious Cycle - The Hidden Recurring Costs of a Short Lifecycle

Your average computer is available on the market for two to three years, its "lifecycle."  This is fine for commercial customers who have no expectation of buying the same exact computer in the future. Still, this raises an issue for the industrial computer customer who... read more
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